Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I ♥ Embossing!

It all started a good few months ago when I saw an invitation in a wedding magazine.  Parts of the swirly design was raised and I thought it looked amazing!  Realising this had been professionally printed and embossed I sighed and sulked, this was a look I could never achieve, right?

Then last week I saw a Real Life Wedding post on one of my favourite blogs and the couple had embossed a lot of their stationery.

from here

I showed Suzie, telling her how much I loved it.  Suzie then quickly set about sending me links to all this different embossing equipment. What? I can actually do this myself?  I read a quick tutorial and realised this wasn't as hard as I had first thought it would be!

So off I went armed with my embossing guru (Suzie) to Hobby Crafts and came away with everything I would need to have a go myself!

Here are my efforts

I love the effect of embossing, it's so cute!

I found these examples too, which I think look fabulous!

from here
Look at the map!

from here
I'm definitely loving having something in a circle shape, maybe I've just found my outer wallet decoration?

Another effect I saw and LOVED!  But seems even more unachievable than the embossing!

from here


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