Monday, 19 October 2009

Surprises, Secrets and Keeping Schtum!

I love giving presents, but I'm terrible with keeping a secret. I'm usually like this:

"Oh I'm excited! I've brought you something, but I can't tell you what it is!"

Both Suzie and Hayley are rubbish with surprises too. Hayley is always asking me what happens in Lost and is constantly reading the spoilers. Suzie is just as bad and made me tell her the ending to the new Harry Potter film.

So with my inability to keep schtum and their impatience for surprises I wonder whether their Bridesmaid presents will in fact be a surprise?!

This weekend I have decided on a big project for my Bridesmaids and I've told both of them about it without actually telling them what it is. As you can imagine they have tried their very best to get it out of me!

To help me with my secret keeping I've decided I can share what I have brought Sophie, my youngest Bridesmaid, as she won't read the Blog.

This is a really cute book that Sophie can fill in.  It has spaces for her to add her own pictures and comments about her experience as a Bridesmaid.  It also has little pockets on the inside pages where she can collect things from the day like confetti, table gems or her name place.  I going to get her a little camera to go with it and probably a few extras.

P.S. Suzie, Hayley... give up now!  You'll never get it out of me! x

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