Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Our Epic Honeymoon

Another big and very exciting job we have to sort out when Has gets home is our honeymoon!  We know flights are at their very cheapest once they are first realised, which is typically a year in advance, so come the end of November/beginning of December we'll be booking them up!

Has and I love America, especially New York but during our years together we've visited other places like Orlando and Las Vegas.  When ever we look to go on holiday it's always to America.  So you'd expect nothing less from us to spend our honeymoon there.

Our idea at the moment is to spend 3 weeks travelling around the USA.  Starting in Seattle and ending up in New York, just in time for Thanks Giving.

We hope to leave the Sunday after the wedding with a direct flight to Seattle.  Spend a few nights there exploring the 90's grunge music scene, where we can visit venues that bands like Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Sound Garden or Temple of the Dog played, visiting the first ever Starbucks Coffee Shop and admiring the views from the Space Needle.

Next to visit would be Anchorage in Alaska.  I have wanted to go to Alaska for a long time, it looks so breathtakingly beautiful.  We plan on taking a few trips to get us out of the city and in to the wild!  One of the tours I'd looked at was a Winter Sleigh Ride.  We would be taken through the snow laden forest in a horse drawn sleigh to a cabin where we can enjoy hot drinks and food.  It sounds very romantic!  Hopefully, if we're lucky, we will also be able to see the Aurora Borealis! (The Northern Lights)

After all that cold we'd need warming up!  So we want to head off to Honolulu in Oahu!  After researching Oahu I have found us some amazing things to do, such as climbing Diamond Head!  An extinct volcano that dominates the island and provides spectacular views!  Another thing which looks amazing is Hanauma Bay.  There we can snorkel with tropical fish amongst the coral.

We then intend to fly off to Las Vegas and spend a few more nights at the Bellagio Hotel in a fountain view room!  When we were in Las Vegas last we said that when we came back we would almost definitely stay at the Bellagio.  I remember walking up the Strip to the hotel to see the fountains.  It was like they had waited for us, as about 30 seconds after we got there they started performing to "Viva Las Vegas"  Seriously the hair stood up on the back of my neck and I had goose pimples all over my body.  It was such a impressive site!

Has has always had a love of the Southern States and in particular Texas, therefore it only seems fitting that we visit on our Honeymoon.  Another obsession of Has' is films.  He enjoys most genres but his utmost favourite is Horror.  Therefore whilst we are there we want to visit the Alamo Drafthouse.

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Once we've finished in Austin we're going to fly over to Orlando and spend a few nights at Universal Studios. I absolutely ♥ Harry Potter in a big way, so when they announced the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter World  we had to visit on our Honeymoon.  Has loves Orlando as much as I do especially Universal Studios so it seems perfect to include it into our plans.

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After all that travelling and sightseeing we want to end our Honeymoon in the best city we know.  New York City.  The plan is to arrive the day before Thanks Giving so we can get up early to watch the Macy's Day Parade.  Something we've both always wanted to do.

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The thought of this trip has me smiling.  Exploring the USA has been on my agenda since I was given my Grandad's old Atlas and I would sit staring and memorising the States.  I love how diverse the country is, how California is completely different from New York or Alaska.  How the landscape, wildlife and climate can change so dramatically!  I could seriously talk for hours about the USA and the places I want to visit.  Which is why it's been so hard to select those few places for our Honeymoon.  If we had our way we would spend months travelling.

I suppose we'll just have to book more trips in the future as husband and wife!

Only 11 days to go :)

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