Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Ho Ho Ho!

Yes I know I'm early and Christmas isn't for another 58 sleeps but I can't help myself!  Christmas is the best time of year!!

I love the build up and excitement of Christmas.  The baking, decorating, watching classic Christmas films, (credit card, you got it!)  wrapping up presents whilst listening to cheesy Christmas songs, eating mince pies and drinking hot chocolate!  I am aware my idea of Christmas sounds like it came straight out of Hollywood, but it really is how I see Christmas!  I can't get enough of it!

Another thing I love about this time of year is John Lewis.  Every year I spend a small fortune on new decorations for when Has and I eventually move in to our own home (We currently live with Has' parents but are looking to rent somewhere next summer.)  I've been collecting Christmas decorations for the last 4 years!  Forget pots, pans and dishes at least we have a 2 foot ceramic snowman!

Last year Hayley got a job at John Lewisand her discount is finally kicking in next week.  I went to visit her at work this weekend and walked round the shop saying "Oh can you put me one of those aside, I sooo need one of those!"  Hayley's reserve shelf now looks like a mini Santa's Grotto!

I have been saying for a while that when we set up our wedding gift list at John Lewis I'm going to add a few Christmas items.  People think I'm joking! But in all honesty I would absolutely love a Christmas dinner set.  I have to confess to already owning a few Christmas themed serving plates and dishes, but I would love a matching dinner set!

I bought these place mats on Saturday.  They were far too cute to pass by.  Christmas is my weakness!

from here

The most exciting thing of all is next Christmas Has and I will be married and living in our own home!  And let me tell you something, Chevy Chase ain't got nothing on me!

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