Friday, 23 October 2009

Flower Fuss

Ok so it's been two weeks since I saw Flower Fayre and I still haven't received a quote from them.  Yeah I know people are busy and the postal services are on strike (which has only been since yesterday!) but you'd have thought I would have heard from them by now?

Ever since I started planning this wedding I made a little note to myself, that if someone took too long to answer me I wouldn't bother with them.  I think it's just rude and not a great impression to give off to a potential customer.

Meanwhile last weekend Jennie, the lady who I saw first, rang me to double check I had received her quote and to ask whether I had any questions.  I expressed my worry about her being on her own and asked what would happen if she were to fall ill and not be able to fulfil the order.  She reassured me that she has plenty of capable florist friends who would gladly step in to help.  I told Jennie I was waiting for another quote before making up my mind, but in all honesty I think I already have.

This is the bouquet I saw in Jennie's book and fell in love with.  Apologies for the bad quality, I took the picture using my phone.

Instead of the dark calla lilies, I want Ivory avalanche roses.  I think the calla lilies are too dark and almost make the bouquet look like it has gaps in it!

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