Thursday, 1 April 2010

April Fools!

Of course I wasn't being serious when I said I'd found the bridesmaid's their dresses in fact I found the dresses here.  Lovely colour though!

So April is here and we've officially made it through winter.  Thank goodness, it feels like winter has been here for a long time!
I'm looking forward to summer barbecues, festivals, floaty dresses and driving with the windows down.   Warmer weather still feels far away though, especially seeing as I had to scrape SNOW from my car this morning!  I think Mother Nature was playing a little April Fool's herself!  Good one Momma, now bring the sunshine please?!

March wasn't a very productive month in terms of planning.  I haven't really had any motivation to get anything done.  I'm hoping April will work out better.

I did manage to cross off a few things from my list. I visited the National Wedding Fayre at the NEC, we booked the remaining honeymoon flights (yay!), we visited one bridesmaid dress shop and decided on a final design for our wedding invitations.

Taking in to account the jobs I didn't manage to do in March, April's list looks like this.

  • Start making up the wedding invitations (Me, Suzie and Hayley have a date next wednesday!)
  • Continue the search for bridesmaids dresses, whether that's shop bought or custom made.
  • Work on finishing the chalk board place cards
  • Research honeymoon hotels
  • Start mocking up ideas for the evening invitations
  • Work on secret bridesmaid gift project.
  • Continue work on song choices for ceremony, wedding breakfast and reception
  • Work on another little DIY painting project that will require some nicer weather.
  • Start cutting out 160 Chrysler Buildings for the Order of the Day booklets......!
  • Plan "Hen and the City"
  • Get back on the diet wagon!!!  I've slipped big time, once I've gobbled up all my Easter eggs there'll be no more treats!
I'm looking forward to getting back into wedding mode.  We have 7, yes 7 months to go!  The other night I had a dream that we were 2 weeks away from getting married and I had done nothing.  I hadn't even sent the invitations out!  Maybe it was my subconscious giving me a kick up the bum and telling me to pull my finger out!

I'm postponing trying on my dress until May.  Hayley has a few days off coming up so the plan is for me, Suzie and Natalie to visit as many bridesmaids dress shops as we can and make a short list for when Hayley can join us.  We'll also all visit my dress so I can try her on and probably cry like an idiot!

Have a lovely Easter weekend! x

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