Monday, 5 April 2010

I love long weekends!

Seriously, I think we need more long weekends.

The last couple of days have been a mixture of music, alcohol, baking, films, and white knuckle rides.

On Thursday we had front row seats to see Bad Company.  I didn't know many of their songs but it was pretty amazing to be that close to Paul Rodgers.  They were supported by The Joe Perry Project.  Joe Perry is the guitarist from one of my favourite band, Aerosmith.  It was a little surreal being that close to the bands, and at times it was easy to forget we had  8000 people behind us!

The Joe Perry Project

Bad Company

Paul Rodgers

After a lazy morning in bed watching Lost and eating Easter eggs, Friday was spent with friends.  We went into Birmingham early, and we're ready to leave in time for the last bus!  It was good fun even though we didn't stay out as late as we normally do.  Our friends are starting to acknowledge how close the wedding is now, asking us questions like "Do I have to wear a tie?", "Who will I be sitting next to?" and letting us know they've found or have started the search for their outfits.

Saturday was another lazy day, I made some cupcakes for Has' friends that were coming over to play games and watch films.

I left the boys playing XBox and sobbed my heart out to "My Sister's Keeper" and "The Time Travellers Wife"  I can't remember the last time I've cried so much!

Today we headed to Alton Towers.  We had prepared ourselves for rainy weather and huge crowds and we didn't really experience either.  We went on Air, which I loved!  The chairs tilt forward until you're lying flat and gives you the feeling of flying, in a weird way it's a really relaxing roller coaster!  We also went on Rita Queen of Speed, Oblivion and Nemesis. 


Alton Towers has opened a new ride Thirteen to celebrate their 30th Birthday.  We thought our best bet was to go straight over to Thirteen when we arrived but it seemed everyone else had the same idea, the queue was over an hour's wait.  When we went back for a second time the park staff told us that the ride had broken down and they weren't sure when it would be operational again.  Our third attempt at trying to get on the new ride had us queueing for 40 minutes before realising the it had broken down again.  Thirteen - unlucky for some!  It took an additional half and hour for them to fix the ride.

Thirteen - the technicians trying to fix the ride!

I'm now sitting in bed, aching everywhere and dreading going back to work tomorrow!!  I need my weekends longer!  Hope you have all had a fabulous weekend?

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