Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Back to Work

First day back wasn't too bad... I work in a small office in the middle of Birmingham with around 11 other people.  Thankfully we all get on really well and often throw little buffet parties at lunch time.  We decided before our Easter break that we would have one today.  The idea is simple.  Everyone brings in something, be it shop bought or home made and instead of a normal lunch we all sit around chatting and monch on all the goodies.  There is usually way to much and the buffet can last for a few more lunches that week!

I was on sandwich duty and seeing as it was our Easter buffet I made bunny rabbit shaped ham and cheese snacks using my cookie cutters.

They went down a treat!

Sandwiches taste better when they look cute!

Cute enough to eat ;)

In other news... an email has been circulated regarding Has' stag do... eeeek!

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