Sunday, 11 April 2010

Saturday's Wedding

A little different to any of the weddings I had been to before.  Let me start by telling you a little background.  The bride who works with Has is Indian and the groom is from a Japanese family.  Last weekend they had their Indian ceremony and this weekend was the actual legal wedding.

Their ceremony began at 3.  A few close friends and family members were invited to witness the marriage then at 6 the evening guests arrived for a sit down meal.  I say "sit down" our starter was served, then we had to go to a buffet style set up to get our main meal.  The food was traditional Indian style food, I wasn't keen on the starter, which was a cold pakora served with chick peas and yoghurt. The main meal was a selection of curries, rice and naan breads, they were delicious.  I could easily have gone back for seconds!

It wasn't until our strawberry cheesecake was being served that I realised there were no chair covers.  Has and I both thought it proved that the minor details are sometimes not as important as you think.  Small details that can cost a lot of money are not always appreciated.

It was a lovely wedding, and we both really enjoyed ourselves.... someone enjoyed himself a little too much!

The bride and groom

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