Monday, 12 April 2010

Spare Change

We're terrible with spare change. Has hates carrying any thing lower than a 50 pence piece as it bulks out his wallet and I always put my "twos and ones" in a pot by my desk for the same reason.

I bought us a small wooden bowl to keep our spare change in but that didn't seem to contain it.  We would still end up with a sock drawer full of "coppers."  We also started to keep it in large pint glasses in a cupboard, until they started to over flow.  It was around this time last year that we took 3 pint glasses full of small change to Tesco to use their coin machines.  It takes a small fee but we found that depositing nothing larger than a 20 pence piece we had over £60 in change.

At Christmas, Has' Mom Sue bought us a large jar with an electronic coin counter on the top.  So now when ever we see a rouge 5p lying around it goes straight in the jar.  Our aim is to fill it and change it into dollars for a treat on our honeymoon.

Since Christmas we've managed to save over £50 in small change. We never put anything above 20p in the jar (we have a separate pot for 50p's, £1 and £2 coins) it feels good to see our change grow, and to know it has a purpose instead of just sitting around with our socks!

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  1. I love this change jar! (an ideal gift for my husband perhaps....hmm...)


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