Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Hen and the City

Yesterday I emailed 22 of my closest friends and family and invited them to my hen weekend in London.

It went a little something like this...

"The plans so far are as followed.
Friday - Go to London mid afternoon on the train. Grab something to eat, maybe see a show or a night in a bar...

Saturday - Flight on the London Eye, followed by Afternoon Tea. Back to the hotel to freshen up then out to some bars for the night - possibly the Vodka Ice Bar!

Sunday - Train back home early afternoon. Morning is free for recovering/shopping/what ever you fancy!!...

I'm aware that some people may find it difficult to get the time off work or will struggle to afford the whole weekend, but a few people have already told me that they will be joining us on the Saturday so if that works better for you, there is always that option."

So far I've had 12 replies.

2x "I'm your bridesmaid of course I'll be there"
4x "Definitely count me in!"
1x "Maybe... let me get back to you"
3x "Yes I'll come up on the Saturday"
2x "Sorry I can't make it"

I'm really excited about it now!  Including me there are 7 confirmed all weekend and 3 for the Saturday, with another 10 people yet to get back to me.  I really hope it'll be a good weekend!

Suzie and Hayley are arranging a surprise hen party sometime in September.  It's a compromise, I've put my bridezilla foot down and said over my dead body, no way jose, not on your nelly will there be any L plates, willies, sashes or plastic blow up 80's dolls (Hayley, I'm looking at you!!) making an appearance whilst we're in London.
They gave me their "try and stop us" eyes so I caved in and gave them freedom to organise a party in the privacy of my own home which I have no control over.  God help me!  (I'd rather that than walking around London with flashing badges and a veil!!)

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