Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Moana

One of my jobs for April was to research honeymoon hotels.  So, what do you think of this one?

The Moana Surfrider in Honolulu. Also known as "The First Lady of Waikiki" the first beach front resort opened in 1901, the re-opened in 2007 as a Westin hotel.

The location is perfect for us, it's central without being too busy.  We won't be renting a car for our stay as I've heard parking in Waikiki is a nightmare and expensive.  The buses will suit us just fine.
I love the colonial style furnishings, it all looks so grand and elegant.

Another plus point is that this hotel is a Westin,  which means it comes with Heavenly Beds!!  We stayed in a Westin when we went to Orlando a few years ago, and I seriously can't tell you how amazingly comfortable they are.  They really do live up to their name!  When I win the lottery I'm getting one of these bad boys!

Although we won't be slumming it on our honeymoon, we have a budget to keep to. However Honolulu is somewhere we've both decided we'd like to really treat ourselves.  
Ideally we want an ocean view room with a balcony.  I can envisage us ordering room service for breakfast (french toast for me please!) and sitting in the morning sun on our balcony planning out the rest of the day.  Bliss.

We're pretty sure this will be our Honolulu honeymoon hotel, we should be able to book the majority of our hotels by the end of the month.  Once that's done there'll be no stopping us!  How real will it all feel then!

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