Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Macron Mania

Friday night Suzie and tried our hand at making macarons.  We followed a recipe we found on Bakerella

90 grams of aged egg whites.  (We used 4 eggs and had some left over)
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
110 grams of ground almonds
200 grams powdered sugar

Whip the egg whites until foamy then gradually add the granulated sugar until it looks like a glossy meringue.  Be careful not to over beat

Place the almonds and powdered sugar into a bowl.  Add the whipped egg white mixture and gently fold.  If you want to add colouring now is the time.  All the recipes I've seen say powdered colouring but seeing as we didn't have any we added a tiny splash of red liquid colouring.
The recipes say not to over fold and because we'd never made these before we were very cautious.  We could probably have folding the colouring in a little better, but hey these were only a test run!

Pipe the mixture on to greaseproof paper and leave to harden.  We left ours for about an hour whilst we had dinner.  Most recipes say between half and hour to an hour.

The bake for 18 to 20 minutes at 140º or gas mark 1-2.

Then leave to cool

We filled ours with a white chocolate ganache.

We melted 100g of white chocolate and then stirred in 150ml of double cream.  We left for a few minutes until the mixture became thick then spooned on to one half of the macaron then sandwiched another on top to complete the look.

Having never tried a macaron before we have NO idea whether they turned out right or not!  They are weirdly addictive.  When I asked Has to try one, he couldn't decide whether he liked them or not, calling them weird.  Our friends gave the same verdict.  Weird but nice.  They soon polished them off though!

They have a strange texture, almost like meringue.  Ours were quite sweet but we think that had to do with the filling.  I'm currently on the hunt for powdered food colouring to have another go, maybe this time with a different filling.

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