Wednesday, 28 April 2010

New York: Done

We booked our first hotel for the honeymoon last night!  Yay!

We felt a degree of urgency around booking our hotel in New York as we'll be staying over Thanks Giving.  We're aware it's a busy time and really didn't fancy the struggle of finding a decent hotel because we'd left it too late.

So we picked the Wyndham Garden Hotel Times Square South.

The hotel is situated close to Madison Square Garden and Penn Station, and a few blocks from the Empire State Building.  I believe some rooms in the hotel provide wonderful views of the Empire State Building.

The rooms look comfortable and the beds look huge!

We always thought we would stay at the Casablanca Hotel for our honeymoon and as nice as that hotel is, we felt that our money was going to go a little further at the Wyndham Gardens.  We obviously want to stay in nice hotels on our honeymoon but we also recognise that whilst in New York we really won't be spending much time there.  We'd much rather save our money and splurge a little in Hawaii.

Having been to New York a few times before we have already done most of the famous sites.  But there are still a few favourites we have to do, including Rockefeller Center.  I love the views from up there.  In my opinion it's the best way to see the city.  You have an amazing view of the Empire State, Central Park and on a clear day the Statue of Liberty.

We also - without a shadow of a doubt - have to visit Virgil's.  When any body asks me my recommendations on things to do in New York I always say "Visit Virgil's"  We've eaten there every time we've been, at least twice on every trip.  It's nearly always busy but it's definitely worth waiting for.
It's a laid back restaurant and bar that delivers the most mouth watering food I have ever tasted.  Their macaroni cheese is to die for!  We always end up ordering far too much and come away with bellies double the size than when we walked in, but it's worth it.

Every time we go to New York we always take in a game of some sort.  Usually the Knicks (basketball).  We're planning this time to get tickets to see the New York Giants (American Football).  Tickets will be realised soon so we'll hopefully get our hands on a pair.

If we're not watching a game, our evenings are usually spent on Broadway.  We've seen some amazing shows, such as Spamalot, Beauty and the Beast, The Phantom of the Opera, Evil Dead the Musical and Young Frankenstein

This time we reeeeally want to see Rock of Ages, Green Day's American Idiot (problem being at the moment these two are only running until September - they need to do well for them to continue longer) and Spiderman.

There are a couple of other things I'd like to do whilst in New York that we haven't done before.  I want a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery.   This is non negotiable!  I need one!  I'd also really like to walk the Brooklyn Bridge.  I'm not sure how likely this is seeing as New York is our last stop and we'll probably be exhausted but I've heard the views from the Brooklyn side of Manhattan are amazing (plus there is a really nice ice cream stand just off the bridge) I suppose we could always take the train across but I should imagine there is something quite satisfying in saying you've walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.

We'll also have the opportunity to see the Macy's Day Parade.  This is something I have always wanted to see.  It will mean we have to get up relatively early to get a good spot but I don't mind as long as we see it!  I believe a lot of attractions are closed on Thanks Giving, so we'll have to plan our day so we have plenty to see and do.  We'll also have to book a table quite a way in advance I've heard is quite a good resource.

The Friday after Thanks Giving is also known as Black Friday a date hard core shoppers will know well!  It marks the first day of Christmas shopping, retailers often open early and reduce goods heavily.  I'm sure we'll get involved and hopefully pick up a few bargains!

Our honeymoon all seems to be coming together quite nicely now.  We're pretty certain on our Honolulu hotel and have found options for our other stops. We're both getting pretty excited now and can't help but talk about things we want to see and do whilst we're away.

Has has worked so hard on planning of our honeymoon, making it the best he possibly can.  It's going to be awesome! I can't wait - our first holiday as husband and wife!

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