Friday, 2 April 2010

Some Things for the Weekend

Friday lie ins are the best!!

I hope those of you who are lucky enough to enjoy this extra long weekend are having fun?  Today we should be meeting with friends and going in to Birmingham for drinks... Hopefully tomorrow won't be spent in bed nursing a hangover!

~ I'd be a happy bunny if I could sleep here or here

~ This brides make up is stunning

~ Summer wouldn't be complete without one of these

~ Funky fascinators... there's even a cupcake one!

~ Can you hear me. Beautiful illustrations

~ My kind of style!

~ Up to 50% off at Laura Ashley Home Furnishings, Furniture, Mirrors, Beds, Curtains and Fashion

~ Papercut Garden.  Some people are too talented!

~ More amazing works of paper

~ Manhattan and purple shoes... yes please!

~ I am totally loving this series, for a number of reasons!!  Don't end!

~ Beeeeeeeautiful

~ My cup of tea!

~ An excellent moto for all brides!

~ Completely in love with Vallentyne Photography

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