Thursday, 8 April 2010

Invitation Pocket folds Part 3

This was the scene from last night

Ribbon, double sided tape, circle punches and purple card can only mean one thing...   Part 3 of operation pocket fold invitation was under way.

After ensuring the troops (Mom, Hayley and Suzie) were fed and supplied with tea we started the task of attaching the purple ribbon to the border of the flap.

Using 3mm double sided tape I had bought from eBay, we lined the edge.

The carefully stuck the ribbon down.  In our testing stages we had done this using two pieces of ribbon.  Suzie suggested we try doing it using one long piece with a tiny fold in the middle.

It looked a lot neater and has reduced the risk of the ribbon fraying in the middle.

We also punched out the circles for the band that goes around the outside.

The circles punched out are smaller than the one we used on our mock up, (as modelled by Hayley!) so we are struggling to find a way to attach the ribbon.

Instead of rushing into anything it was decided we would leave that part until we could find the best way of achieving the look I want.

So, these are invitations at the end of part 3.  Thank you Mom, Suzie and Hayley for all your help x

If you're interested you can also read about part 1 and part 2 of operation pocket fold invitation.

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