Monday, 19 April 2010

More Bridesmaid dress shopping.

Good Morning!  Good weekends?

I dragged my poor bridesmaids around shopping again on Saturday.  We visited Bridal Gowns of Droitwich.  They have a really good offer on at the moment which would mean we'd get a dress free.

We found one dress by Hillary Morgan that impressed everyone.  It's a little different to the styles the girls have tried on before and I have to be honest that I wasn't particularly enamoured with it when I saw it on the hanger.  Once the girls had it on it looked completely different.

The pictures I've found of it don't really do it any justice.  It's so difficult trying to envisage how a dress will look when it fits or when it's been made in the right colour.

The original picture of the dress can be found here.  I've made very crude mock ups of the dresses in the similar colours we would have just to get you're opinions.

Similar colours to what the older two bridesmaids would wear

Similar colours to what the younger two bridesmaids would wear.

They do offer a younger style dress with straps for my youngest cousin Sophie to wear.  She did look very sweet, swooshing around in her dress.

So what do you think to these?  Yay or Nay?  Love it or hate it?  Not sure?  Either way I'd love to know!


  1. I think they were really lovley in the flesh. The black doesnt do it much justice in the photos online. They suited all of the girls!

    Very elegant and simple, just what you need when your having such a bold colour.

    Exciting! xx

  2. It's really nice and I like it but I prefer the first Dessy one in your last Bridesmaid dress ideas post.


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