Friday, 23 April 2010

Some Things for the Weekend

Happy St George's Day!

Does anyone still celebrate today?  It always reminds me of my Grandad.  He always used to say he had two birthdays.  His official birthday and today.  You see his name was George... not quite a saint though!

Busy weekend planned.  My Nan turns 70 on Sunday so we are going out for a meal tomorrow to celebrate her birthday.  Sunday is a very important day if you like football and live in the Midlands.  It's the Aston Villa, Birmingham City Derby.  A date in my diary I always dread!  Has is a Blues supporter and my family support Villa.  I'm sure there's going to be plenty of healthy banter on Saturday!

~ Alice in Wonderland themed invitations

~ Vintage Wedding, the bride is wearing an absolutely gorgeous headband

Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches - I'm craving ice cream sooo bad right now!

Danni from Oh Hello Friend shares her beautiful engagement photos

I'm loving these coordinate posters - especially the New York one

Good advice on being the best wedding guest

Stunning backyard wedding... and it's purple!

Jessi's Rainbow Party

Modern wedding in  New York

Sarah at Blue Door Bakery got a mention on Rock my Wedding

Spectacular headbands and fascinators from Lo Boheme

A super cute desert engagement shoot

A really pretty cake.  I can't believe the work that goes in to it!

I ♥ this picture

Enjoy the sunshine and have a fabulous weekend!! x

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