Monday, 8 February 2010

Chalkboard Heart Placecards Part 1

A few weeks ago I played around making chalkboard heart placecards.  As they were so unbelievably easy to make I bought 80 more wooden hearts.

Me and Mom spent Sunday afternoon drilling all 96 hearts.  We only have around 80 day guests, but I wanted to buy an extra pack in case of any mistakes.  I wasn't sure whether the hearts would split when I started drilling, it turns out they are quite durable and not one of them was harmed in the making of the chalkboard placecards.  In fact the only injury was that of a drill bit.  Shhh don't tell Dad he'll never let us play in his shed again!

We used an old bit of counter top to drill on and took all 96 hearts outside to spray.  It has quite a strong smell plus it goes everywhere!

It took no time at all to cover all the hearts, even though I wore gloves I still managed to end up with black hands!

They dried very quickly, I'd say we left them outside for no longer than an hour.  They smell quite strong for a few days after which I was quite worried about, no one wants to be eating there lunch breathing in paint fumes,  but it does fade.  The one I did a few weeks ago no longer smells at all.

I still have the other side to do and even though I did spray each one quite thickly I may do another coat just to ensure they are smooth and the wood grain doesn't show through.

When they are all completely painted and finished I intend to loop jute twine through the holes so they are ready to tie around the napkins 9 months from now. Then I'll be able to cross it off my DIY project list

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