Thursday, 18 February 2010

Scrubbed and Ready!

So tonight I've put myself through a rigorous pampering evening in preparation for Suzie's wedding on Saturday, Oh it's a hard life!

I've scrubbed, polished, moisturised and plucked and I'm the smoothest I've ever been!  I've also been practising walking in my bridesmaid shoes.  All is well apart from a little sore patch where my toes peak through peep toe. I've stuffed socks in the shoes to see if they stretch a little and I've also packed blister plasters.  It pays to be organised!

Sneak peak of my shoes!

It's snowing here at the moment which has caused Birmingham International Airport to cancel it's flights.  Some of Suzie's family have had their flights delayed which is a major pain but there's still time for them to get here as long as it stops snowing!

Tomorrow morning I shall be picking Suzie up bright and early, running a few last minute errands then checking in the hotel hopefully for a relaxing and calm afternoon... famous last words?

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