Thursday, 4 February 2010

The most important job of all

Later on today I shall be trying on my bridesmaid dress!  My dress for Suzie's wedding came in a few months ago but this afternoon I shall be trying it on (and praying it needs resizing!) with all the extra bits like shoes and jacket!

I'm really excited and can't wait!  Suzie's wedding is only 16 days away but as we've been planning this for near on 2 years it still doesn't feel real!  It's funny to think that after so many hours of talking about it and planning for it, it's so very nearly here!  I'm only the bridesmaid, imagine how Suzie must feel!!  
I think once I've got that gorgeous frost blue dress on it's really going to hit me just how close the big day is.

I've got one of the most important jobs a friend could ever have!

6537 by Alfred Angelo

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