Sunday, 7 February 2010

Eyelash Drama

Saturday morning after our night of cupcakes, Suzie and I headed to her local salon to have false eyelash extensions.

I watched as the lady attached individual lashes to Suzie's eyelids and patiently waited for my turn.  She had done an amazingly good job with Suzie and I could wait to see how my eyes would look.

I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes.  Whether it was the fact that I hadn't eaten breakfast or that the glue smelt really strong or even because I was trying to breathe through my nose even though I'm stuffed up so probably wasn't getting enough oxygen or just a combination of all of the above, I started to feel faint.
I've never fainted before so I panicked a little bit.  My head started to spin and my hearing went funny.  "Erm I feel really dizzy"

The lady let me open my eyes and that did help a little bit but it wasn't until she had completely finished and I was able to sit up and open my eyes properly that I felt normal again.

This is the finished look, what so you think?

I'm not sure whether it's because the lady was petrified I'd faint on her beauty table and rushed them towards the end but my lashes have turned out as well as Suzie's.  I can see the individual lashes and the glue is a little messy.  You can't tell Suzie has false lashes on but I think mine are really obvious.

Last night I had to pull the lashes closest to the corner of my eye away from the false lashes and the glue as every time I blinked it stung.  They feel much better today, but I don't think they look all that great on me.

Suzie is planning to go back the Friday before her wedding to get more attached, she has asked me whether I would go back.  I probably will but I will have breakfast and make sure I breathe through my mouth!   Maybe without the threat of her client fainting the beautician will spend longer on mine!

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