Friday, 5 February 2010

I'm being punished

Punished for the lack of exercise and strenuous activity in my life.  Wednesday night I decided to get back on the exercise wagon and start a body combat class.  45 minutes of upper cuts, round house kicks, squats, sit ups and jumping around.

I felt pretty good about myself once the class was over.  Rather smug actually! "I feel really energised!"  "I don't ache at all!"

Ha!  Today I'm well and truly eating my words!  I can barely move without wincing.  Changing gear was a chore, lifting the kettle feels like I'm lifting a horse.  Sitting hurts, standing hurts and don't even mention sneezing!

I'm telling you this exercise malarkey better be worth it!  I want washboard abs, toned legs and muscley arms like Madonna.  Watch out Has I'll be carrying YOU over the threshold!

Hmmm... then again maybe not!

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