Monday, 8 February 2010

First Stop Dallas

Other than Honolulu, Dallas is our only other definite honeymoon destination, our first stop in fact!

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We'll only be staying a few days in Dallas but we will cram as much as we can in to it!  One thing we both desperately want to do is visit the home of the NFL team Dallas Cowboys.  It was renovated in 2009 to the cost of $1.3 billion and is now the largest domed stadium in the world.  We'll be arriving in to Dallas on the Sunday afternoon (match day) so if the Cowboys are playing at home we won't be able to make the game in time, in which case it will be nice to do a stadium tour.

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We would also like the visit the Sixth Floor Museum.  Located in the Dallas County Administration Building where Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President John F Kennedy.  It seems a little morbid but I think it could be interesting.

The top must see attraction on Trip Advisor is Dallas World Aquarium, it's also a zoo and an aviary.  We love things like this so I dare say we'll pop in for a visit!

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We'd love to see a traditional Texan Rodeo, but I don't think we are there when any are on, we really want to experience the real Texas and although we're limited on time we'll try our hardest.  

We're still looking into Dallas hotels, but as we don't consider this to be urgent we're concentrating all our efforts on sourcing the rest of our flights.  Flight prices seem to change all the time so we need to make sure we have them all booked up at the cheapest possible price.

The author of a blog I read, The Freckled Citizen lives in Dallas but is moving to Washington D.C.  She has listed all the restaurants in Dallas she will miss.  I'm sure this will come in really handy for me and Has.

After doing a little research on what the weather will be like it seems the only answer I get is "Unpredictable"   The advice is to layer clothes so you can add or remove clothes when the temperature changes.  

If anyone has ever been to Dallas and can offer us some recommendations or tips they'd be very welcome!

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