Thursday, 11 February 2010

GHD's, Champagne and Canapés

I went to my hairdressers today to play model.  They had a trainer in from GHD to teach the ladies at my salon new curling, volume and texture techniques.  It was loads of fun and I actually learnt quite a bit too!  I end up with 8 different types of curls all over my head by the time the training was over.  Not exactly a great look!

Jo, my hairdresser tidied up my hair before I left the salon with a volumised bouncy curl.  I took this picture just before going to bed so it had fallen quite a bit.

We also attended Nailcote's Bride of the Year competition, we didn't win but it was still a really lovely evening.  The owners, Rick and Sue are such a lovely couple and put on a really nice evening for everyone.  It was also great to be able to see our venue again.  I haven't been there since March last year and sitting in the room where we are actually going to get married was giving me goose pimples! 8 months 2 weeks to go!

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  1. I wish someone would teach me how to make curls with GHDs - I am dying to know!! Looks great.


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