Tuesday, 9 February 2010

My Google Reader has Exploded!

For those without magnifying glasses for eyes, that's 86 unread posts!  

I've added about 10 new blogs to my Google Reader today because I found the 100 Blogs to watch in 2010 list from BrideTide.com.  I already follow the majority of the wedding blogs on the list but I found some new gems today!

Starting this blog and reading posts from over 80 blogs has really helped me with my wedding planning.  I enjoy writing this little blog so much, even if it's just me who reads it!  I've even stopped buying wedding magazines, I find the pictures and information online are so much more inspiring... and free!

For lots of wedding lovelies I strongly recommend you get yourself signed up with Google Reader and subscribe to the blogs listed on BrideTide.com... and Purple and Pearls of course!

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