Wednesday, 5 May 2010

6 months

A big squeeze for Has who hasn't been feeling himself lately... I hope you feel more like your huna self soon xxx

Where has the time gone!!?

It's May!  How did that happen?  I can remember sitting down over a year ago and thinking about the things I'd have to do at the 6 month mark.  It's scary to think how fast the months are disappearing.

We have managed to tick off quite a few things from our list in April.
We've found the Bridesmaid's dresses (and will be ordering them by the end of May).  We've booked two of our honeymoon hotels (New York and San Antonio).  Suzie and Hayley joined me for an evening of invitation making.  We're by no means finished but we're getting there! I've also done a mock up of the evening invitation and we've sent out an email to all of my friends asking them to join us in London for my Hen Party

Busy busy!

I had planned to do a lot more, but some of the projects required nicer weather so I could paint outside.  As soon as the weather perks up I'll be out there painting and spraying!

So jobs for this month will include

  • Order and pay for the bridesmaid's dresses
  • Finish the day invitations.
  • Print the evening invitations
  • Print the Chrysler Building covers for the order of service and making a start on cutting them out.
  • As soon as the sun shines, apply another coat of chalkboard paint to the heart place cards.
  • Start the ring hunt!  Now the football season has ended I'll be dragging Has around the shops in search for our bling.
  • Chase responses for the hen party and start to work on a more detailed cost per person.
  • I'm going to rejoin Weight Watchers tomorrow.... give me strength and will power please!!
  • Finalise wedding day guest list and make sure we have addresses for everyone.
  • Start looking for accessories for me and the bridesmaids.
Our friends were married yesterday in the Empire State Building in New York.  We couldn't fly out to be with them on their special day but they are having a party here when they return from their honeymoon at the end of May.
Two of our other friends have recently become engaged, unfortunately their engagement party falls in the same date.  Hopefully we'll be able to go and see them soon to offer our congratulations and celebrate properly!

It's really strange because November still feels very far away, there's still so much in between now and then.  But when I say it's 6 months away... woah does that sound close!!


  1. The time will fly by!

    You are doing well with your invites and stuff already though!

  2. Thanks Gaynor!

    How's married life? I can't wait to read your wedding day posts!


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