Monday, 10 May 2010

Camouflage Make Up

When I was very young I had an accident which left me with scarring on both arms, hands, chest and neck.  I've never been ashamed of my scars and have never tried to hide them.  Growing up my Mom would always dress me in short sleeved tops and taught me to be confident.

I've never known any different and my scars are part of me.  They have faded dramatically over the years and are now very faint.

Having said that trying on dresses and planning a wedding does something to you.  Since being engaged I've thought about losing weight, having laser eye surgery and getting a brace fixed.  It's like every flaw I've noticed about myself is magnified by 100%.  When I was trying on dresses I couldn't help but notice my scars.  When I shared my concerns with my family and friends, it was suggested I give camouflage make up a go.  I've mentioned this before, but my friend Harriet is going to be doing my make up for the day.  She kindly offered to research the different types and brands of cover up make up and ordered me a few tester samples to have a play with.

Last night me and my Mom had a go at covering the top of arm.  It's an area which is quite bumpy as it's where I had my skin graph.  The make up could ever make the skin look smooth but it does help cover up the skin tone.

Making sure the skin is free of oils you apply the make up using a clean sponge.  It goes on like normal foundation, you have to make sure it's blended in well.  It's better to apply a few thin layers to get an even coverage.  Once you are happy you apply the fixing powder liberally to set the make up.

This was the finished result.

You can still see the scars but the skin tone is more even.  I did like the after look, however I'm still not sold on the idea of covering up for a few reasons.

I'm not convinced the make up won't rub off during the day on to my dress.  I think I'd have to go a whole day wearing the make up to ensure it stays put.  I really don't want to risk having make up marks on my dress!
Also I don't want it to look obvious, I don't want people to know I've used the cover up make up and assume I'm embarrassed or ashamed of my scars because I'm not.
I also don't know whether I can be bothered!  I'm sure it'll probably take a while to apply the make up across my arms and chest on the day... will we even have time?

On the other hand, it really did give me what I wanted.  It made my scars even less noticeable.  I think I'm going to buy the make up and ask Harriet to apply it like she would on my wedding day so I can get a better idea of how it will look and whether it will rub off on my clothes.

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  1. Hi Laura, just go with what feels right... if you haven't 'disguised' your scars before then why start now? OR if you'll feel more confident with make up just do it. Sounds like more 'tests' with the make up are a good idea though!


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