Monday, 17 May 2010

Chalkboard Heart Placecards Part 5

Our chalk board place cards needed a second coat of paint. I found when I sprayed them on a surface the underside would also get paint on them and look bumpy.  So the only way to apply the second coat was to let them hang dry.

Cue me and Mom tying fiddly cotton through 90 holes in 90 hearts.  Then hanging them from 2 make shift lines between chairs in the garden.  2 aching backs and 4 sore knees later we had our place card washing line.

I spray painted each heart, whilst Mom stood behind with a massive piece of card so we didn't turn the garden black then left them to dry.

Next step is threading through the string or ribbon (which ever I decide) and waiting for people to RSVP so I can write their names on!

The making of my chalkboard placecards
The experiment, Part 1 - Drilling and mass spraying, Part 2 - Mass spraying the backs, Part 3 - Chalkboard paint, Part 4 - Mock up


  1. They look fab, cant wait to see them with the ribbon/string and names on!

    p.s I think you should go with ribbon, but I would say that since I LOVE ribbon!

  2. Your wedding is going to be so gorgeous xxxx


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