Monday, 17 May 2010

Happy Birthday Natalie

My gorgeous cousin and bridesmaid Natalie turns 14 today.

At the risk of sounding old, I remember very clearly the day she was born.  I was in senior school, and knew my Aunt was in labour.  Every chance I got, between classes and lunch breaks, I used the pay phone to ring my Nan for any news.  I was so unbelievably excited about getting a new cousin.  Every morning on my way in to school I passed a baby shop and in the window they had a gorgeous pink dress on display.  I told my Mom that if my Aunt had a girl I would buy it for her to wear.

After lunch on the 17th May as we returned back to our classroom for afternoon registration my tutor Mr Davis read out a note for me.  "Please let Laura know her Aunt has given birth to a baby girl"  I was over the moon!

It turns out Natalie was a rather large baby at 9lbs 13oz so there was no way she was fitting in to that dainty pink dress!

Natalie has been a star bridesmaid, she has been with me to every bridesmaid dress shopping outing I have asked her to, and willingly tried on dress after dress.  Even when I forgot to tell her what time to be ready for giving her 10 minutes to race out of bed!

One of my favourite memories of Natalie was when she was a lot younger, she used to threaten me when I was reluctant to play with her... "Play with me or I won't be your cousin!"  It still makes us smile now and after hearing the story our younger cousin Sophie, uses it jokingly against us.

She's one of my best friends and I love her completely.
Happy Birthday Natalie xxx

At my 21st Birthday Party

Last Christmas

Sophie, Natalie and me during a photo shoot we did for my Nan

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