Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Picture Guest Book

Most of the weddings I have attended have had some sort of guest book available for friends and family to leave their words of congratulations and advice.  It's a lovely keepsake from the day and we will definitely have one.

I would love to have a book, or individual cards for people to leave us their messages but what I would also love is for the guests to leave their pictures too!

I came across the Fujifilm Instax Camera a little while ago.  This super cute mini camera is the Poloroid replacement.  It produces credit card sized photos instantly.

How much fun would it be for guests to be able to have their picture taken and then stick it in a book or on a card next to their message!?

A friend of mine did something similar at her wedding.  A few friends were enrolled to take pictures of the guests holding a massive frame.  The pictures were then printed on a printer that plugged straight into the camera and stuck in a book ready for guests to write in.  This was our photo.

I can imagine we'd get quite a few funny photos and messages, it's meant to be informal and silly.  It's a great way to remember the day along with the messages.

I also think the camera would be really fun to take on honeymoon with us.  Obviously the picture quality isn't perfect but I think that is part of it's charm.  This little dude is well and truly on my birthday list!

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  1. Sounds fab.

    We got one usher to get everyone to sign the book then the other to take photos of everyone.

    When we got back I printed the photos using a Polaroid Pogo photo printer. It prints 3 x 2 pics with sticky backs so I was able to stick straight into the book.

    I had left spaces for the pictures too; I will do a blog post about it soon!


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