Thursday, 6 May 2010

How much is the wedding costing you?

Is it me or is it rude to ask some one that?

From the very first thing we booked, people have asked "So how much is that costing you?"  The first time this happened I was a little taken aback but told them a figure.  "Oh!  When my friend got married she paid a lot less than that!"

How am I meant to take that?  Are you implying I am being over extravagant with my wedding plans?  That I have been conned into spending too much?  Or I should I not want the best for my wedding day?  The comment upset and angered me a little because it's not really anyone's business how much our wedding is costing us.

I've learnt since that first encounter to never discuss figures with people.

I'm not even sure why they ask?  I would never dream of asking someone how much their wedding day or particular elements have set them back, it's nosey!
I can appreciate the question coming from someone who is genuinely interested because they are in a similar situation.  I wouldn't mind sharing information with a friend - in fact Suzie and I used to regularly share how much we've spent on things, as a way to ensure we were getting the best deals.  But to ask out of pure noseyness is just rude in my opinion.

I was asked again very recently how much something was going to cost.  I declined to answer, but I was polite.  I said I wasn't sure because I hadn't worked it, but it was pushed and I was asked again.  I'm really bad in these sorts of situations because I don't like to be rude and I could never say "Mind your own business nosey parker!" no matter how much I was screaming it inside my head!

I guess it's just another one of those things you have to take in your stride as you plan a wedding, along with "When I/my friend/sister/daughter/etc got married....(fill in the blank)", "I would have done it this way" and "Oh are you not inviting my sisters, son's, daughter's boyfriend?"

And so not to end this post on a rant, here is a cute picture of a kitten, because you know what they say about curiosity... ;)

P.S I would never hurt the kitty!


  1. I learned not to bother saying figures too, as its all relative depending on what you want to spend, what you can afford to spend, how much importance you put on each item etc and where in the country you are.

    Although I did share prices etc with others who were planning too if they asked for comparison.

    I spent a LOT on my dress but it was so worth it for all the lovely comments!

  2. Your dress IS gorgeous!! Who is it by?

  3. Sorry I only just noticed your reply.

    Thank you, I LOVE my dress still, want to wear it again!

    The dress is called Hayley and its by Sassi Holford. I loved that it came from a British designer who made everything in the UK. They also made me the bolero with 3/4 sleeves to match the top of the dress too.


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