Monday, 21 December 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

...Who is the fairest of them all!

I know I still have a little while to go but for a while now I've upped the ante on my skin care regime.  I don't think it's something that can change over night, although I have seen an improvement quite quickly, I think for wonderful gleaming skin it needs to be a long term commitment.

To start with I've been drinking a lot more water to hydrate my skin.  I find now that I can feel quite dry if I do not drink enough.

My night time skin care routine used to consist of quickly wiping my face with a make up remover wipe and exfoliating when I thought about it.  My skin was never bad, but it wasn't great either.

I've started by wearing a lot less make up.  I used to wear foundation every day, now I dot my face with powder and only wear foundation if I'm going out.

Also every night without fail, no matter how tired or drunk I always complete the following to take off my make up.

I lightly rub Nivea Visage eye make up remover across my eye lids and lashes to remove my mascara and eye make up, I'm completely paranoid by eye wrinkles so I never rub too hard!
I then cleanse my face with Simple Purifying Cleaner.
Then to finish I use Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner.

Once all my make up has been removed I then lightly dab Garnier Ultra Lift eye cream around my eyes.  I'm very conscious of eye wrinkles!  Since I was about 21 I have religiously applied eye cream every night.
I then moisturise with Olay Beauty Fluid.

Once a week I use Clinique Exfoliating Scrub, it leaves my skin feeling really smooth and clean.  I love it!

My morning routine is a little simpler.  I use Clinique All About Eyes Rich as it really moisturises the skin around my eyes and makes a great base for eye make up.  I then moisturise with Clinique Dramtically Different Moisturing Gel.  If my skin feels a little oily then I use a small amount of The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream as recommended by my friend and beautician Harriet!

Since ditching the face wipes and committing to this routine I've noticed a huge improvement in my skin, I rarely get break outs and my skin looks fresher.  Closer to the wedding I may invest in a few professional facials, not just as a way to make my skin glow but I feel I deserve a little pampering...

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