Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas Table Inspiration Part 4

Christmas Eve was super busy, as I'm sure it was for hundreds of other people, but as late as 10.30 I was up decorating the bags for the peppermint sandwich cookies.

Earlier on in the day Hayley helped me "Christmasfy" some boring candle holders and vases ready for the Christmas table.

Just a few mini touches made even the most plain looking candle sparkle with Christmas.
I was up early and managed to get in to Hobbycraft for opening, they had already started to reduce their Christmas range so I picked up a few packs of stickers, ribbon and sparkley baubles.

These were old holders that came with fragrance candles all ready in them, I'd already burnt down most of the candle, so I took those out and put tea lights in them.  They are slightly frosted so they look really pretty with tea lights in them.

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