Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Plastic willies and L Plates... No Thanks!

Picture this:
A woman so drunk she can barely stand, dressed head to toe in condoms, pink sashes, L plates, badges and flashing head gear...  sounds classy doesn't she!?  All this would understandably conjure up the image of a bride to be on her hen night, but I can promise you 100% that will not be me!

I refuse to have a hen party like that, I want a short relaxing break away where I won't be horrified and mortally ashamed of myself come Monday morning!  Yes you could say I am boring but I honestly believe I do not need to be covered in plastic willies to have a good hen party.

My Mom, Bridesmaids and I have hummed and harred over different ideas.  I can't and won't expect people to spend a fortune my hen party but I also know a lot of my friends are expecting a weekend away.  My Mom's suggestion as a compromise was 2 nights in London.

Go on the Friday afternoon and leave on Sunday.  If people were struggling for time off work or money then they can always join the party on Saturday morning.
I've looked at few options for accommodation such as hotels and apartments but ideally I need to know how many people would be able to join us to start getting an idea on prices.

I've looked at a few things for us to do, like hiring a private pod on the London Eye, or having afternoon tea at Bea's of Bloomsbury at cute shop where we can have afternoon tea.  Very elegant!  I also know there is a Absolt Vodka Ice Bar, where the whole bar is made from ice and you have to wear huge thermal capes to keep you warm!

Obviously the Hen Weekend is going to cost some pennies so I need to warn people early enough so they can budget for it.  I am totally aware that some people will find it difficult to afford the weekend and will 100% understand if they can't come.  Hopefully I'll have a little shindig at home that won't cost anyone anything... Hayley believes this is going to be the L plate and willy party... we'll see!

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