Tuesday, 1 December 2009

German Market Madness

Last night I met up with good friends I used to work with.  We all have the same ridiculously silly sense of humour, and generally crack up over the stupidest things!  Needless to say days at work were a lot brighter when I worked with them!

We met up at Starbucks where Heather was treated to her first ever Starbucks!  First Ever!

First stop was the carousel at the German Market...

German beers...

and by lots of messing around and Christmas merriment!

Next we decided to test the Old Joint Stock Pub's claim of their pies being legendary...
Steven and Jamie take their pie decision very seriously, I believe they both picked a steak and ale pie

We all came to the decision that yes these pies were indeed legendary!  If you're ever in Birmingham and fancy a nibble...  I can recommend the vegetarian shepherds pie!


  1. Wow, they do a veggie shepherds pie - I must look into that. Looks like a fine time was had indeed.

  2. You're really getting into the blogging thing, even linked my name to my site - awesome!


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