Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Happy December!

Yippee!  The first of December is here which means I can finally start to get excited about Christmas without people saying "It's too early!"

We put our office Christmas tree up yesterday and will putting my one up at some point this week.
My Christmas Shopping List is looking a lot better now I've been paid.  I managed to get most of it sorted yesterday - I love internet shopping!  It means I can enjoy the Christmas buzz of town without feeling the stress of having to get somewhere in my hour lunch break!

I am lucky enough to work in Birmingham city centre which means I get to visit the Frankfurt German Market whenever I want!  I love it, I hardly ever buy any thing from there (it's a little over priced) but the atmosphere is so wonderful and it feels so Christmassy!


  1. Yup I love the xmas market too, it gets a little too busy though it has to be said.

    Xmas shopping online takes the hassle out of xmas, so that you can enjoy it - agreed


  2. Nice photo too! Was good to see the IT Crowd again, and good to finally pop into The Old Joint Stock for a beer and some food - yum!


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