Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Painting the city purple!

I have to confess to thinking about colours and themes before I was even engaged, I’d changed my mind about a hundred times but just before we went to Las Vegas I came across a US blog called Snippet and Ink. The writer regularly publishes inspiration boards, which focuses on one or more colours. She sources wedding related photos and creates a mosaic of ideas. I saw one called “Purple and Vine” and instantly fell in love with the colours.

The day after Has proposed we sat down by the pool, admiring the sparkles my ring was giving off in the sun, texting my friends and discussing wedding plans. I remembered the inspiration board I had seen a few months earlier and asked Has how he felt about purples. We both agreed the colours would suit the time of year we had decided to get married and the main thing was it wasn’t a “girly” colour! Secretly I think Has was worried I would suggest pink as our wedding colour!

Has and I love New York, we first went when I surprised Has with a weekend away for his 21st Birthday ever since we’ve been besotted with the place. We’ve visited a number of times over the last few years, we seem to be addicted! It is because of our love (and obsession) with New York that we have decided to place suitable links to the Big Apple in and around our wedding day.

A number of ways we hope to do this are

  • Have each table named after a New York landmark, with a black and white photograph of Has and I when we visited.
  • I ♥ NY chocolate wrappers around small Green and Blacks Squares as the favours.
  • The ladies will have their chocolates presented in a handbag shaped favour box, a la Sex and the City
  • Our centrepieces will be large martini vases filled with flowers.
  • And of course we plan to visit New York on our Honeymoon!
As the planning has evolved we’ve picked up a few other things to be included in our theme. Not giving too much away about my dress, but that is why pearls have be introduced. We’ve also added a light sage green to lift the purple and stop it looking so flat. This will only be very subtle but enough to compliment the other colours. I have done my very own inspiration board to try and display the mood and feel of our wedding day.

I think it will be fun to do another one of these using photographs of things that will actually feature in our wedding!

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  1. Sounds fab - my wedding is purple too!

    We got engaged in New York, at the Empire State Building so naming each table after a building there.

    Just found your blog from twitter so look forward to following along!


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