Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Engagement Party

When we got back from Las Vegas the world of weddings hit me. I struggled to get my head around how we were going to plan a wedding. I barely knew where to start! It was a little overwhelming to say the least! We decided to throw an engagement party. We thought it would help us get into organisation mode and seeing as our wedding was still over 2 years away we thought it would be a nice way to introduce members of our families to each other.

So we searched for a small function hall that was available in November. My Nan and Grandad came up trumps with the hall at their British Legion. Obviously the d├ęcor was a little dated but we couldn’t afford a lot more. To save more money we planned to supply the food ourselves as well as the music.

Together with my Uncle Tony, Has worked out he could hook up his laptop to some speakers and light system and hey presto! Music sorted! Has spent about 2 months working on a playlist choosing music everyone would like and dance too without straying too far from the tunes we like.

The morning of the party me and Mom met Hayley in Asda for some last minute food shopping, we then raced over to the cake shop to pick up the icing decoration to sit on top of our cake. I left to have my hair done whilst Mom and Hayley headed over to my Nan’s house where we had an army of spreaders, cutters, sandwich fillers and cheese and pineapple stabbers!

Once the food had been sorted it was then a mad dash to get ready before heading over to the hall to lay out the food and set up the music. From then on in the night was a blur! I barely saw Has, I was running around all night making sure I had said hello to everyone, introduced family to people they didn’t know and before I knew it people were saying goodbye and my mom was clearing the food away… I hadn’t touched a bite!!

The night was so much fun, our friends and family were so generous and we received so many beautiful cards and presents! I am so glad we decided to have an engagement party, not only did it give everyone chance to get to know each other it’s also given me a heads up as to how the wedding will be. Has and I barely saw each other, in fact there is only 1 photo of us together and that was at the start of the evening before everyone had come!

Here are a few snaps from our party

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