Thursday, 17 September 2009

Best girls for the job

Choosing my Bridesmaids was always going to be easy, I am blessed with amazing friends and family and before my engagement ring was even on my finger I had them all ready picked out! During the rest of the holiday I kept thinking about asking the girls and what their reactions might be! I was so excited!!

I knew I had to pick girls who would get excited with me, understand my obsessions, bring me back from the edge of becoming a Bridezilla, be my saviours throughout the 2 years of planning and to obviously look gorgeous!

I am lucky enough to have the most beautiful, sweet and amazing cousins, Natalie and Sophie. The day after we returned home from Las Vegas my parents had arranged a little party so my family could celebrate with H and I. Natalie arrived first, straight from school still in her uniform and wasn’t feeling great. I remember asking her if she would do be a big favour and be my bridesmaid. A huge smile spread across her face as she said yes! Since then Natalie has come with me to try on wedding dresses, offer words of praise and encouragement and even try on a few dresses herself. One thing is for certain Natalie is going to make a stunning bridesmaid… I’m going to have to watch she doesn’t upstage me!!

Sophie was the next to arrive at the party, being 7 I wasn’t sure she’d fully understand what a bridesmaid was, when I asked her I got a shy smile and a quiet “yes”. Following that we have dragged Sophie around BHS to try on princess bridesmaid dresses and it’s lovely to watch her float around in the changing rooms with a big smile on her face, although even at 7 she’s very particular! Her shoes have to have a little heel and she can’t quite make up her mind as to whether she wants a big skirt or something a little more grown up. What ever she wears she’s going to look beautiful!

Before my friend Hayley was even in the door I shouted the question at her “Will you be my bridesmaid?!” She sort of squealed and threw her arms around me, is that a yes then? So far Hayley has been amazing, ready to listen when I needed a moan, ready with a camera when I was trying on my dress when my batteries had died, she even tried on a dress for me when she didn’t have matching underwear on! Whether Hayley wears matching underwear or not, on the day she’s going to look gorgeous!

Next to ask was my friend Suzie, having only recently gotten engaged herself I knew planning our weddings together would be a lot of fun! Pre-engagement we’d spent many a night at Suzie’s flat planning our weddings, poor Rob would sit there trying his hardest to ignore our conversations about flowers, rings and dresses. We already knew that we would be each others bridesmaids so when I met up with Suzie for a Starbucks I only had one thing on my mind! Of course Suzie said yes and is now my saviour in the battle against wedding stress! She’s listened to my ideas, listened to me change my ideas, and then back again! She even committed a few minor driving offences when my mom called her to say “Suze I think she’s found THE dress!”

All in all I think I have the best bridesmaids any bride could ask for, I can’t wait to see them all dressed up on the morning of wedding. They are very special people to me and I love them all very much!

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