Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Stationery Stress

From the word go I knew I wanted to make my own wedding invitations. As a hobby I make cards and I work as a graphic designer. I’m very critical of my own work and have high expectations. I feel like people will also be expecting something great considering my background and I want people to be “wowed!”

I started of by searching for styles I like and came across these.

I have experimented with a few designs, I like the swirls and the wallets I can slot extra information into. So far i’m 99% sure I have the wallet and inside swirl design I like, but I’m still looking for inspiration for the outside.

I’ve used a Pearlescent A6 pocketfold wallet in “Morphing Mauve” from PDA Card & Craft and ivory pearlescent card from Staples to print the design on to.

This is the layout of the invitation

The main part of the invitation will sit at the top and the extra information such as directions and RSVP will slot into the bottom.

After 6 different designs, 3 different styles of wallets I think I may have finally found an invite I like!

I intend to place tiny flat backed pearl in between the swirls and perhaps use them on the front design as well.

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