Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Wedding Wednesday

As you read this, I will more than likely be struggling with my tent (hopefully it's sunny or at least dry!), blowing up my air bed, or if I'm really lucky relaxing in my camping chair with a can of something cold-ish and alcoholic!

Today is the first day of the Download Festival.  We'll be here until after the weekend, but fear not I have scheduled a few posts to go live in my absence, so on the off chance that someone actually reads this blog - you won't be left disappointed!

On with Wedding Wednesday!

Let me tell you about Caroline's Cake Company. Cakes that will literally take your breathe away.  Cakes that are more like works of art, I'd never be able to cut into one as I wouldn't want to spoil it!  Don't just take my word for it either, Caroline has been recognised in the press for her amazing cakes including Wedding Ideas Magazine.

Seriously I want the Gruffalo cake!!  You can see more of Caroline's cakes on her blog or on her Flickr

One of my habits is mooching through photographers blogs.  I adore looking at other people's wedding and the way they have been captured.  Matt Davis is based in Cheltenham Gloucestershire and not only are his photos amazing I love reading how he describes the day from his own point of view on his blog.  Matt was kind enough to comment on one of my posts ages ago about purple cocktails as he had shot a wedding where the guests were served them as welcome drinks.  

He really does have an eye for detail, and not only does Matt share the photos from the weddings he shoots he also gives you an insight to his personal life.  I think this is really important - I think it helps to know your photographer after all they're going to be sharing with you one of the most important days of your life.

To see more of Matt's work check out his blog or website.

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