Tuesday, 1 June 2010

My new toy

Love it, how have I spent so long without it?!  
So as far as apps go I have the basics, Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, Hipstamatic (which I love!) Angry Birds (hmm addicted much!) and a pollen count forecast (for my sneezy nose - high tomorrow if you're wondering.)

But what other apps do I HAVE to have?  What's on your iPhone? Are there are cool wedding apps?  Tell me!


  1. Oooh cool, I dont know what I did without mine either and I have only had it just over a month!

    As for apps, I have the same you have, twitter (although I have Twitterrific), facebook, Hipstamatic etc but I also have these:

    Google (the reader is ace as you can mark items as unread if you want to go back to them later to comment on etc)
    Amazon Kindle
    Tesco Clubcard / Finder

    then a few random games like Bubblewrap, Diner Dash & Cooking Dash.

    So many apps to waste time with!!!

  2. oh, jealous! so jealous!

    um, one good place to hunt for apps in on Mashable, cos they always review the awesomest ones. I always read it and go 'when I get an iphone..'

    le sigh.

    have fun with yours! :D


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